About Us




Meet the people who help keep our club running!

President - Ryan Poon

Ryan is a third year undergraduate mechanical engineer. He is excited to design and manufacture for 3D4E, as he loves to exploit the versatility of 3D printing to make each organic idea become a reality. Also the ASME President and a volunteer in UCLA’s Biomechatronics Lab, Ryan loves to exercise, shoot arrows with the archery team, and drool over Game of Thrones.

Vice President - Joey Meurer

As a third year mechanical engineering student, Joey enjoys diving into new endeavours both literally and figuratively. He recently interned at WhiteWave foods, designing standard operating procedures for pneumatic valves as well as systems to improve safety and efficiency in valve handling.

Treasurer - Bhav Patel

Bhav is a second year aerospace engineering student with an interest in astronautics. His interests, in addition to 3D printing, include rockets, philosophy, running, as well as unholy amounts of binge watching shows. The biggest thing on his bucket list is to backpack in Patagonia and see the Milky Way in the night sky.

Secretary - China Hagstrom

China is a second year undergraduate mechanical engineering major. She has learned how to use Solidworks and Fusion360 in the past 6 months, so she enjoys designing cool projects to 3D print. She is a mentor for UCLA Tech Camp and is involved with ASME Battlebots, but she also loves to rock climb, skateboard, dye her hair multiple colors a year, and figure skate.

Social and Recruitment Chair - Dennis Shen

Dennis is a second year mechanical engineering student that joined 3D4E to really dive into 3D printing with an emphasis on educating others about the field. He is also the 17-18 Resident Assistant for UCLA’s Design and Innovation community, working with groups such as FuturizeX and StartupUCLA to promote innovation and entrepreneurship on the Hill.

Lab Manager - Michael Cui

Michael is a third-year mechanical undergraduate mechanical engineer that joined 3D4E to explore different possibilities of the 3D printing technology. Besides being consumed by school related works, Michael enjoys mixing and creating EDM tracks using Ableton and his Novation launchpad. As a lab manager, his ultimate motto is “You break I fix, you dirty I clean.”

Advisor - Brooke Zampell

Brooke is a 4th year bioengineering student who has been involved in 3D4E for two years. After spending this past summer interning at Dexcom, a San Diego company that makes Continuous Glucose Monitors for diabetes patients, she is planning to go into the biotech industry. In addition to 3D4E, Brooke loves spending her time exploring LA, and cheering on the Bruins in athletics.

Head of Technical Instruction - James Chang

James took a deep dive into the world of 3D printing when he purchased his first ever DIY printer, the Printrbot Simple 1401, in 2014. Ever since that, he has caught the printing bug, deconstructing, modifying, and learning from various printers. In addition to bouts of sporadic veganism, James is passionate about anything outdoors-related.

Head of Technical Instruction - Quentin Truong

Quentin is a second year undergraduate computer science major from southern California. Focusing on creating parts that move and function together, he works with involute gears, snap fit joints, and arduino. He also has experience in 3D graphics and animation. Outside of school, he loves to explore the night via stickshift cars.

Webmaster - David Lu

David is a third year aerospace engineering student, who joined 3D4E in order to explore the possibilities of additive manufacturing. A lifelong Star Trek fan, he has a strong interest in human spaceflight and is the external vice president of UCLA's AIAA. When not building rockets, he is a big fan of jazz music and enjoys improvising on the piano and clarinet.